Vijay Kaushal

Product Manager

Mr Vijay Kaushal has more than 28 years of industrial experience in Pharma Sector. Mr Kaushal has comprehensive corporate as well as local market experience being involved in turnaround at Sarabhai Chemicals prior to Indian Medilabs acquisition.

He is the eldest member of Indian Medilabs and the most active as well. His rich experience in Pharma Industry makes him different from all of us.

He holds a BSc degree from university of Delhi.

Akshey Kaushal

Director Exports

Mr. Akshey kaushal is Managing Director of Indian Medilabs situated in Delhi. He has got extensive experience in research and development industry. In his career, he has been very active in Bioanalytical research by associating with many advanced institutes employed as Scientist in organisations like Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, All India Institute of Medical Sciences etc. In his career He has published many papers with good impact factor like Royal Society of Chemistry, Advance material sciences etc.

Mr. Akshey graduated in Pharmacy holds Master’s Degree from Jamia Hamdard University.

Manoj Dhamija


Mr. Manoj Dhamija, Pharmacist by profession from last 25 years. Mr.Dhamija has exposure as a retailer in pharma sector before entering Indian Medilabs.He is well experienced in pharma industry and have handful of experience and information which helps in enhancing the business.

He holds degree in pharmacy from Delhi University.

Nishtha Dhamija

Sales Manager

Nishtha Dhamija a media person by profession from last few years. Ms. Dhamija has exposure in advertising, sales and marketing sector before entering Indian Medilabs. She is well experienced in media industry and have handful of experience and information which helps in enhancing the business.

She holds her master degree in mass communication from Kurukshetra University.